Yoga Retreat "The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga"

Yoga Retreat “The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga” Doug Keller, May31st-June3rd 18 Kranzbichlhof, Austria

Rewriting the Story of Our Health & Growth

- A training-intensive for yoga teachers and inquiring students -

Hatha yoga was never simply about stretching, or even seeking simply ‘fitness’ and strength, though it certainly includes the benefits of flexibility and strength. 

Hatha yoga texts originally focused on the blocks or ‘knots’ — physical, energetic and emotional — that get in the way of the creative flow of thought and movement — and which are often at the root of pain and suffering. This was described in terms of the flow of energy — prana — through ‘channels’ or nadis in the body on many levels.

This understanding can be translated into — and understood in — contemporary terms, and applied in practical and user-friendly ways to enhance and deepen our practice.

The overview given at the beginning of the training will examine the relationship between postural/movement patterns and breathing patterns, and how the fascial matrix of the body, which is the modern equivalent of the ‘pranic body’ or Pranamayakosha, helps us to understand the ‘story’ of these patterns, and begin to ‘rewrite’ them through practice. Our movement and breathing patterns are the ‘story;’ yoga practice is the way in which we rewrite — or at the very least, ‘edit’ — that story.

Yoga Retreat “The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga” Doug Keller, May31st-June3rd 18 Kranzbichlhof, Austria

Special attention will be given to development of core stability via the relationship between Jalandhara Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha, especially for the sake of sacral stability. The structure and movement of the sacrum, and patterns and causes of sacral and low back pain will be described in conjunction with this, as well as how actions aimed at core stability address these problems.

From there we will expand into looking at the way in which we move — which is reflected in our asana practice — and the kinds of tightness, imbalances and distortions that arise from those patterns. 

This approach to pain problems is especially suited to yoga, and will provide teachers and practitioners with a vital toolbox for recognizing and assessing these patterns, and designing an approach through specifically targeted asana practice and remedial exercises aimed at changing them for the better.

Yoga Retreat “The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga” Doug Keller, May31st-June3rd 18 Kranzbichlhof, Austria

Each day will begin with a practice, which will give participants a chance to experience how the principles being covered might be introduced simply in the class setting of an asana practice; and each day will include work with the Vayus, pranayama and Yoga Nidra — including discussion of the principles behind each practice, and some historical background from hatha yoga texts.

This training is suitable for teachers as well as advancing practitioners. We do go somewhat in depth into the anatomy, and explanations and descriptions of the anatomy, and the relevance of it, will be provided. But you’ll need some level of comfort with this more technical and educational aspect of the training!

DAILY SCHEDULE (Changes possible)
Thursday (arrival day):
check-in early afternoon
4pm - 7pm 1st session
7.30pm dinner
7am - 8am meditation/pranayama
8am - 9am breakfast
9.30am -12.30pm 2nd session
12.30pm lunch | and afternoon break to go out e.g. hiking, sauna, swimming
4.30pm - 7pm 3rd session
7.30pm dinner
8.30pm yoga nidra (optional)
7am - 8am meditation/pranayama
8am - 9am breakfast
9.30am -12.30pm 4rd session
12.30pm lunch | and afternoon break to go out e.g. hiking, sauna, swimming
4.30pm - 7pm 5rd session
7.30pm dinner
8.30pm yoga nidra (optional)
Sunday (departure day):
7am - 8am meditation/pranayama
8am - 9am breakfast
9.30am -12.30pm 6rd session
12.30pm lunch | and check-out


Course fee per participant

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Retreat costs per student (only yoga excl. accomodation):

Early Bird Price: € 549,00 (valid until 4 months before retreat, i.e. by Jan. 31st, 2018 at the latest)

Standard Price: € 599,00 (after Jan. 31st, 2018)

Minimum number of participants: 20

In order for the Yogaretreat to take place we need a minimum of 20 participants. At least 3 weeks before the start of the retreat you will be informed via email if the retreat will take place or not.


Accomodation prices for 3 nights per person (see different room categories below):
(incl. breakfast, light vegetarian lunch, 3-course vegetarian dinner, use of sauna and swimming pond)

from € 315,00 in double room | from € 369,00 in single room

(Please note: Single participants have no claim to the price of a multiple occupancy room until other participants are found to share such a room. In such cases the price of a single room is valid)

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31. 05. – 03. 06. 2018
(3 days, Thursday-Sunday)



Doug Keller

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Hotel Kranzbichlhof, Bad Dürrnberg, Salzburgerland - Austria

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