Katchie Ananda

Katchie Ananda is an international Yoga and Dharma teacher whose life’s work has been to explore the practices of yoga and dharma and share their path to freedom with others. She has well over 10,000 teaching hours, spanning 25 years as a full-time practitioner and trainer and she has developed numerous approaches to wisdom in body, mind and heart. Her eclectic background includes certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral, Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman and many years of practice with Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield.

A former dancer in Switzerland and Brazil, she moved to NYC in 1990 where she studied Yoga for Dancers at White Cloud Studio, attended acting school and earned a living as a performance artist. Her journey with yoga began in earnest with Sharon Gannon and David Life at Jivamukti Yoga Center. Deeply inspired by their creativity, activism and commitment to nonviolence, Katchie dedicated herself to Jivamukti yoga and taught there for many years, eventually as a senior teacher. The well-known Kirtan singer Krishna Das was beginning his weekly Kirtan sessions at Jivamukti during this time, and through him and his devotion to his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, Katchie was introduced to the path of Bhakti Yoga and thus began her lifelong devotional practice of chanting.

Katchie also got involved with Integral Yoga Institute, where she taught, worked and participated in Ashram life under the guidance of Sri Swami Satchidanda. To further her skill as a teacher, she studied technical refinement of asanas with Kevin Gardiner in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.

Katchie first met Richard Freeman in New York City in 1995. Fascinated by Richard’s sophisticated knowledge of Yoga, Katchie moved to Boulder in 1998 to study with him. She taught at The Yoga Workshop and helped set up Richard’s first three month long teacher training, which she completed in 1999. His dual approach to yoga practice using a deep knowledge of the inner workings of yoga, and his incredible skill of physical practice impressed her deeply.

Katchie was immersed in Anusara Yoga from its early existence and was a dedicated student until 2012. She first met Anusara’s founder, John Friend, through Richard Freeman and was quickly captivated with the elegance of the system and its life affirming tantric philosophy. She became one of the first Certified Anusara Yoga Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004.

Katchie was the co-founder/director of Yoga Sangha, a studio in San Francisco’s Mission district, dedicated to Yoga and Dharma. Under Katchie’s guidance, Yoga Sangha became a much beloved community center and attracted students who shared a concern with social justice and equality. In 2007 Katchie launched the powerful Spiritual Activation Series, a forum through which the yoga community could connect with well-known authors and activists such as John Robbins, Jack Kornfield and Julia Butterfly Hill. The goal of the series was to raise awareness about human and animal rights, the environment, social justice, and highlight the interconnectedness of Yoga and Dharma. In this same spirit, Katchie volunteered for many years at San Quentin, teaching yoga and Dharma to long-term inmates. Her leadership and example in yoga and social change prompted Yoga Journal to name Katchie one of five top yoga teachers making change in the world.

Katchie has studied closely with her Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield for over 15 years and skillfully weaves the insights of her vipassana practice into her teaching. She offers retreats and workshops at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Esalen Institute, often with her co-conspirator, senior dharma teacher Wes “Scoop” Nisker.

Katchie has brought her humor and stories to conferences, festivals and workshops all over the world and is loved by her students for her authenticity, sense of humor, wisdom and deep compassion. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband Joshua and dog Leelou. Katchie teaches in English and German language.


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1st Yogadelight Nature Conference – en

01. 11. – 04. 11. 2018

Bad Aibling, Germany


Katchie Ananda

Katchie Ananda



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23. 04. – 27. 04. 2018 – mit Remo Rittiner – Naturhotel Tannerhof, Bayrischzell


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26. 04. – 29. 04. 2018 – mit Susanne Sturm – Kranzbichl Hof - Bad Dürrnberg - Salzburger Land


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26. 04. – 29. 04. 2018 – mit Stine Lethan – Das Kubatzki, St. Peter-Ording


Yoga Class: "Magische Sinnesreise"

27. 04. 2018 – mit Tanja Seehofer – LICHTHOF München
Baaderstraße 19

Tanja Seehofer

Yoga Retreat "Awaken your Senses - Inhale. Exhale. Repeat"

28. 04. – 01. 05. 2018 – mit Eva Klein, Beate Tschirch – Hotel Seezeitlodge, Gonnesweiler am Bostalsee



29. 04. – 03. 05. 2018 – mit Wanda Badwal – Kranzbichl Hof - Bad Dürrnberg - Salzburger Land