Pp con mano sulla spalla stretto

Meditation has been like a long and wonderful love story for me, made of magnificent honeymoons but also full of moments when I’ve needed to rediscover desire and discipline.

Even today, after more than forty years of practice, she and I sit down together every day and look into each other’s eyes, searching for the key to renew the love that has bonded us until now.

This meditation workshop is designed to guide students into building a meditative practice that is regular and easy to perform at home, studying the different levels of the process and addressing difficulties as they arise during the practice.
Establishing and inner posture as well as a steady outer posture, allows the mind to settle in with ease.

The power of inner body attention and openness to the breath can teach us that meditation belongs to us and we belong to her.

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105 Min.


Raum Princeton

Mit wem

Andrea Boni