In meditation we allow the state of our ordinary mind to merge into the natural state of clarity and pure awareness that the Indian tradition calls the Self, or the Inner Heart. 

The texts of Vedanta speak of the physical body, our mind, and the other facets of our being as “sheaths” or “bodies”, superimposed over the subtle energy of Consciousness as layers of an onion. Linked to these sheaths are four states of basic human experience: waking, dreaming and deep sleep, and the state of transcendental awareness we experience in meditation. In our meditation journey we actually move through these four layers and everything that happens to us during the practice happens in one of them. So it is useful to know about our inner geography to better savor the intricacies of the inner journey.

Props: Journal + pen | Meditation cushion



Samstag: 9:00


90 Min.


Raum 4

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Andrea Boni