Yoga and Dharma, two complementing schools, are used to guide the body back to ease, calm and train the mind, and open the heart. The goal is to heal our connection to the body and the earth, connect with our soul and align with our authentic purpose.

The yoga is based on Anusara yoga, a scientific system of yoga that is fun and healing for the body. The art of mindfulness is based on Buddhist psychology as taught by Jack Kornfield. We will explore being mindful through movement, meditation and breathing exercises and by accessing our own wisdom and compassion we learn the art of awakening. 

Why: To remember our true nature and what actually matters. To heal ourselves, our connection to our body, and our planet. To connect with our authentic purpose and make a difference. To live with joy and inner freedom. 

What: yoga, dharma, shamanism 

The yoga is katchie’s own blend of practices, accumulated over 30 years, drawing on anusara, vinyasa yoga and some somatics. The dharma is based on buddhist psychology as taught by katchie’s friend and mentor, jack kornfield. Shamanism is a practice to tap into the subconscious mind to connect with the sacred mystery of life. 

How: By dedication and service to the student’s evolution and personal edge of transformation. Through skillful use of hatha yoga (asana, pranayama and meditation) savvy technical alignment cues, quirky humor and touching stories, and, by personal attention.





3 h


Raum Princeton

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Katchie Ananda



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