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May 2016

I took a part in the Yoga retreat with Christine May and Shiva Rea this April. When I arrived at Schloss Blumenthal, I could immediately feel the connection to nature, which this peaceful environment brings. I was kindly greated at the reception and led into my room, which was uniquely designed, very clean and neat. The room was modern, but still matched the style of nature and the castle ambient. The yoga studio was spacious and really bright. I really enjoyed the view and sound of the nature during practice. Christine May and Shiva Rae are exceptional teachers and I enjoyed every minute of the classes. They don't only teach, but also bring people together to create a community. After the powerful yoga classes the cherry on the top of the cake was the food, which was truly amazing. There were mostly vegan choices, which were made with diversity and tasted delicious. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay in Schloss Blumenthal, the nature, rooms, yoga and the food resonated with each other. It is a perfect place for a retreat, but as well for whenever when you need a break from a busy life and rest in a beautiful, friendly and welcoming environment.

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Yoga Retreat Faszien Yoga:
Move - Roll - Relax
- Ausgebucht -

08. 10. – 11. 10. 2020 – mit Beate Meyer – bora HotSpaResort - Radolfzell-Bodensee


250 h - Ayur YogalehrerInnen – Blockausbildung

25. 10. 2020 – 03. 10. 2022 – mit Remo Rittiner, Aimée Speiser, Christoph Kraft – Naturhof Stillachtal, Oberstdorf - Allgäu


Yoga Retreat "Beautiful Autumn"

28. 10. – 01. 11. 2020 – mit Beate Tschirch, Eva Klein – Hotel Werdenfelserei, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Beate Tschirch Eva Klein

- Ausgebucht -">Yoga Retreat "Besinnlich in die Winterzeit mit Yoga & Sound Healing"
- Ausgebucht -

- Ausgebucht -"> 05. 11. – 08. 11. 2020 – mit Silke Taute – bora HotSpaResort - Radolfzell-Bodensee


- Ausgebucht -">Yoga Retreat „RE-CHARGE"
- Ausgebucht -

- Ausgebucht -"> 12. 11. – 15. 11. 2020 – mit Bettina Keller-Schörnig, Michael Schörnig – bora HotSpaResort - Radolfzell-Bodensee


Yoga Workshop "Faszien"

21. 11. – 22. 11. 2020 – mit Christiane Wolff – SEVENTYSEVEN YOGAROOM
Gabelsbergerstraße 77, 2. Rgb.
80333 München